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My job is simple. STOP those annoying cold air and or water leaks around doors and KEEP your ac/heat in your home and help lower your utility costs. My goal is to fix every problem you may have with your door or window. If you have a door that leaks water or whistles or if you can see daylight between it and the door jamb, I can help. I can also eliminate any draft that may come through. I have a cost-effective easy solution 99.9% of the time. And the same thing goes for windows. Don’t spend thousands of dollars to replace your windows until you have spoken to me. I take great pride in resolving any problems that a customer may have with a door or window.

I want to properly weather-strip your doors to save you money on energy costs, eliminate drafts and to make the overall appearance of your door to look more appealing. I solve problems. If you have a door that whistles when the wind blows, you feel air when you walk by a door or water comes into the house around a door, I WILL fix it.

Door weatherstripping is a general turn that consists of three parts. 1.Door threshold, this is attached to the concrete. 2. Door sweep, this is located at the bottom of the door. 3. Weatherstripping, this is what goes around the door jamb.

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